Environmental Policy

Stag Exhibitions - actively promoting a green ethics code


The Stag Exhibitions logo may be gold in colour but it is most definitely GREEN at heart!

Exhibition stands are noted for being very wasteful and generally environmentally unfriendly, however here at Stag we have bucked the trend and actively promote a green ethics code whilst maintaining the highest possible standard of construction.

Supply Partners

We have a list of supply partners listed below that are committed to Eco-regeneration:

  • International Decorative Surfaces
  • Panelco
  • Screwfix
  • Emerald Trading Waste
  • Palmer Timber Products
  • Jones Waste Service
  • Dulux

In addition to using companies with effective green policies we actively seek to minimise our carbon footprint by the utilization of a clean air wood burner that has a zero rated carbon footprint.

Being in the construction industry we generate a fair amount of timber and sheet material waste, instead of the waste going into skips and being taken to landfill sites it is incinerated in a clean air wood burner which has a multiple Eco welfare values: Since the purchase of the clean air wood burner we have reduced our input into landfill sites by 50%, this in turn reduces the amount of transportation required on our roads, and finally utilizing the clean air burner provides our workshops with a constant source of heating which means we no longer have to burn any type of fossil fuel in order heat our workshops.

How can we help you to help the Environment?

If you want to play your part and help protect the environment why not consider a two or three year package deal with your exhibiting requirements? “Just because a stand is used two or three times that does not mean it has to look the same at each event”

Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but along the way you could be making a second and third year budget saving of 20 – 30 percent compared to initial costs simply by employing tactics such as economies of scale and reusability.

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