Case Study - Pudlo & Cemfree

A huge name in the concrete industry
Pudlo / Cemfree at Ecobuild

PUDLO is a huge name that everyone in the concrete industry recognizes as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to waterproof cement, the company has also developed a cement free concrete under the banner of CEMFREE which is a very big deal when you consider that the concrete industry accounts for 5% of the planets CO2 emissions.

Pudlo / Cemfree at Ecobuild
Pudlo / Cemfree at Evolving Concrete

Both PUDLO & CEMFREE where going to be exhibiting at Ecobuild and Evolving Concrete and wanted an exhibition stand that would reflect their status within the industry.  As both companies were to exhibit on the same stand space at both exhibitions we needed to design a stand that would accommodate this whilst clearly showing each businesses individual brand identity.

As you can see from the design we mirrored each stand using colour as the initial brand identifier, each business had exactly the same amount of display space, hospitality and graphical information space to promote its wares.  The stands were finished ahead of schedule at both events and another very happy client was added to the list.

Cemfree/Pudlo P2

As you can see when comparing the 3D visuals to the photographs of the finished stands what you are presented & promised is exactly what you get.

It was a pleasure to work with PUDLO / CEMFREE and especially along side Dierdra Bartholomew and Kate Gorman who made the whole experience very enjoyable.

I am very much looking forward to working with PUDLO / CEMFREE again in the future.

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