Stock Stands

Bespoke yet cost effective

This section of our website is dedicated to offering cost effective solutions that are still bespoke but at reduced costs.

Below are some examples of stands that are either held in stock or that can be partially manufactured from stock items that we currently hold. There are no set costs associated with these designs; in fact the only thing that is set in stone is the assurance of the savings to be made when compared to a new design.

This philosophy can be applied to large scale projects as easily as it can to those with much smaller stand spaces. We also hold a large number of stock display features such as reception counters, columns, and canopies that can be integrated into designs.

Utilising items from stock will greatly reduce your overall stand cost, and finally remember that choosing a stock design will also aid your company’s environmental policy.

Stock Features

In addition to complete stock stands we also hold a very large selection of stock features; these include items such as reception counters, bars, columns, water features and starlight ceilings.

Any of these features can be designed into stands to reduce costs.

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